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With 6 months or exciting workouts and nutrition guidance, demonstrated to you by Amber, you’ll feel fitter, stronger, toned and full of confidence. 
Since creating the first Active with Amber plan my body has changed so much, and it’s all been down to having structure with my workouts, and being consistent with my exercise and diet. I finally found workouts I really love and can fit into my schedule and as a result I’m so much fitter and much more toned, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt better, both inside and out. I feel much more body confident and my physical strength and fitness levels grow week on week. 

- Amber x
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A Personal Note From Amber...
Since launching the first Active with Amber plan, it’s been amazing and so rewarding to see so many people enjoying the plans and getting brilliant results. 

After a few months of getting messages asking for more workouts and plans, myself and the team have been working hard to create Active with Amber VIP. 

You guys told me you’d love new plans to follow every month to keep your results coming...and now it’s finally here!

As always, all you’ll need is a set of dumbbells and your own body and you can workout at home or at the gym. 

As a VIP member, I’ll be bringing you a brand new plan, including brand new workouts and running mp3s and new recipes, nutrition guidance and challenges to complete each month for 6 months! 

There are so many quick fixes out there when it comes to getting in shape and I’ve always stayed well away from these, so I wanted to create something that would help us all create lasting healthy habits and always be in the best shape possible.

  30 x Workout Videos Demonstrated By Amber including:
- Upper Body Workouts
- Lower Body Workouts
- Abs, Ass & Arms Workouts
- Cardio & Core 
- HIIT Cardio Workouts
 6 x Warm-Ups 
 6 x Downloadable Workout Guides  
 18 x New Breakfast Recipes
 18 x New Main Meal Recipes
 18 x New Healthy Snack Recipes
 12 x New Real-Time mp3 workouts 
 • Monthly Challenges
Monthly Focus (learn more about fitness and nutrition)
Weekly Workout Planners 

the results speak for themselves...
Check out Amber's amazing progress...
"Since starting my plan, my body has changed so much. I never really aimed to lose weight, that wasn't really my goal was to just tone up and feel more confident in my skin, but over the duration of me following my plan, I've lost over a stone''

"A lot of people think that to get your dream body you need to have a personal trainer and go to the gym every single day, but I did this on my own, with a set of dumbbells, in the comfort of my own home."

what do you actually get?
with Amber Turner
  • ​30 x Workout Videos Demonstrated By Amber Unlock & Access Videos
  • 6 x Warm-Ups Unlock & Access Videos
  • ​6 x Downloadable Workout Guides Download & Keep Forever
  • 18 x Breakfast Recipes Download & Keep Forever
  • 18 x Main Meal Recipes Download & Keep Forever
  • 18 x Healthy Snack Recipes Download & Keep Forever
  • 12 x Real-Time mp3 workouts Download & Keep Forever
  • ​6 x Monthly Challenges Unlock & Access
  • ​6 x Monthly Focus (learn more about fitness and nutrition) Unlock & Access
  • Weekly Workout Planner Unlock & Access
believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS.
I've Done It Using These Methods... So Can You!
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